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Bathroom Builders & Contractors at Decks & More

Are you ready to update your bathroom? Tired of only having one sink? Interested in changing the flooring? Call on Decks & More to help design and build your next bathroom remodel. We also help design bathroom build-outs when you are constructing your home from scratch. In our consultation meeting, you and one of our team members will go over your design to ensure we can bring it to life. If you don’t have written out ideas, that’s no problem. Our team of interior designers can help give you inspiration from previous jobs or give you a fresh concept based on your needs and wants. Call today to start the process!

marble bathroom

Benefits of Remodeling Your Atlanta Home’s Bathroom

Maybe you’re on the fence about going through the bathroom remodeling process. Let our team at Decks & More help ease your nerves by explaining some of the benefits. Also, remember the consultation we perform over the phone is totally free, so it never hurts to call and speak to our professional team if you have other questions weighing on you:

More Eco-Friendly

Older homes may have used materials now deemed unsafe or harmful for the environment. With a bathroom remodel, Decks & More can update your space with better and safer materials. We’ll also upgrade features such as your toilet or faucet to use less water.

Save Money on Your Space

Upgrading these features and utilities will save you money on your monthly bills thanks to their energy efficiency. Even if they aren’t modern, replacing leaky faucets or pipes can help put money back into your pockets instead of dripping onto your floors or creating mold in your walls.

Make a Space You Can Be Proud Of

Over time, the style in your home may become outdated. Decks & More helps remodel your bathroom to give it a timeless look and feel. We can also add features to help you relax more in your bathroom, such as a clawfoot tub, beautiful colors, exciting flooring, and more.

Increase Home Value

One of the most significant benefits is the value you can add to the home. Even if you aren’t ready to sell yet, you will be happy you updated your bathroom when the time comes. Potential buyers fall in love with spaces they don’t have to do the work themselves.

Allow Decks & More to Bring Your Bathroom to Life

Our professional designers help clients create unique and exciting spaces. Whether you have a full bathroom or a half bath, you are looking to update, rely on our staff to help bring your ideas to life. We can also help spark your inspiration by showing you previous bathrooms we’ve remodeled or worked together to create an idea together.

Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation