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It’s a win Frank Pologruto of Decks & More is extremely proud of. While the company has literally won more than one hundred prestigious building and design awards, winning this award is different. “It means so much that consumers and others in the industry voted us as the best Deck Remodeling company in Atlanta. This award through My Home Improvement Magazine is really gratifying. Someone had to nominate us and then we had to get more votes than any other deck company in the Atlanta area. The other awards are always great, but this really shows people value our service as much as our product. This is result of consistently delivering excellent service and incredible projects, I couldn’t be happier”, said Frank.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Transcript copied below.

We want to sit down and ask you what do
you have now
how would you like to enjoy it where
would you like to improve it make
changes and then we take all that
information and then we design
a plan and not just one plan but one two
three plans for you
that’ll best suit your needs and we
bring our team together
and the team includes the client us
and our carpenters and we design
something that best suits their needs.

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