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Wondering how much you’ll have to pay if you want to build a new deck or replace the one you have. The answer is the cost can vary widely, depending upon a few things, including the number of square feet, the design plan, and the types of materials used. The more complex and creative your design tends to be, the more expensive. When it comes to materials, this is where you really want to be careful. If you use low quality lumber, for instance, you could save a lot of money. However, if you end up replacing your deck in a few years, you may regret the savings. You might have to pay another contractor to tear down the low quality deck and rebuild one. Frank Pologruto of Decks & More simply won’t use low quality materials in his projects. He knows clients will end up regretting it, and he knows outdoor projects in Georgia are subject to intense heat, humidity, and rain. He advises clients who are looking to save money on decks to consider creating a smaller, simple project that uses quality materials. Learn more in this helpful video. Decks & More shows you examples of decks at just about every price point.

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